ST Broadband Cable Service Pvt Ltd.

ST Broadband Cable Service Pvt Ltd. was formed in 2015 and has since shown the fastest growth and attained a high level of customer confidence to become the preferred and the leading in the field of broadband and digital cable Tv in Kurla, Sion, Vikhroli, Chunabhatti, Chembur, Mumbai milestone has been achieved through a focused and dedicated approach to provide an efficient and unmatched level of customer support.

ST Broadband Cable Service Pvt Ltd. has deployed a high quality Network infrastructure backbone that consists of a City Wide fiber optical Gpon and Wide Area Network that can support a wide range of convergent services like fast broadband access, video, data as well as various connectivity solutions such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN). This Network has constantly been improved and extended over the years to comply with our objective of extending our outreach and avail our services to clients situated at different strategic points.

This milestone accomplishes one of our biggest objectives of ensuring that our clients can now enjoy the fastest broadband that will truly redefine the way they communicate. With this development clients will now be able to do much faster surfing, downloading, online gaming, video conferencing, VPN, and WIFI. These applications were difficult in the past due to the bottleneck in the bandwidth speeds.

ST Broadband Cable Service Pvt Ltd., our mission is to provide technology-advanced and consistent network & data connectivity solutions through efficiently optimized network architecture. We proudly own extensive self-healing rings that provide redundancy ensuring disrupted connectivity.

Our vision is to achieve new standards of excellence in the Information Technology & Networking domain, and become the ‘service provider of choice’for our prestigious clientele. Our success lies in providing end-to-end networking solutions at competitive costs to all our customers.